Next.js is designed for the future, offering features like server-side rendering and static site generation, which boost your site's performance and improve its visibility on search engines.
A Powerful Conversion Optimization Tool
OptinMonster is a powerful lead-generation tool that converts website visitors into subscribers and customers. Its intuitive design and targeted campaigns allow clients to capture leads more effectively, boosting conversion rates significantly.
WP Adminify Plugin
Introducing WP Adminify - a powerful WordPress dashboard customization tool that can transform your user experience in just a few clicks. Say goodbye to boring login pages and static menus and hello to a dashboard perfectly tailored to your needs.
As businesses begin to reopen and restrictions change daily, you may be struggling to communicate your latest updates to customers and web visitors efficiently. Consider implementing Drupal Sitewide Alerts.
Remote Work
So you may have been doing the work-from-home thing for quite a few weeks now and for some, this may be going on for months to come. Team Inclind has been working remotely for about 5 years and we’ve learned some lessons on how to work best in this environment.
Nato Theme Refresh
"The Innovation Hub, managed by the Supreme Allied Commander Transformation division of NATO, is a community where experts from everywhere collaborate to tackle NATO challenges and design solutions.
Redesign or Facelift
You may be thinking that your organization’s website is a few years old and it’s probably time to plan and budget for a whole new website, but what if we told you that maybe you don’t need a whole redesign?
Clutch 2020 Award
Here at Inclind, we know it can be tricky to balance high impact web development while taking care of your other important needs. That’s where we come into the picture!
Google launched the most recent update to its measurement platform for web analytics, named Google Analytics 4 (GA4) in the fall of 2020. Does your digital marketing strategy rely on Google Analytics? Are you wondering if you should switch to the new platform?
Healthier Generation Client Teaser
At Inclind, we always want our clients to be able to take advantage of the latest and greatest CMS opportunities, especially Drupal 9, given its new and exciting features.